Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Road of Relationship

The Road of Relationship

James 1:26…if you do not bridle your tongue, you delude your own heart and your service is worthless

Sometimes it seems that religion is killing people. There are many who are seeking a relationship with God, but the religious community tells them what they need to “do” in order to be acceptable to Him. This religious spirit was alive in Jesus’ day. And even though He died to put an end to it and bring people into close personal relationship with Himself, the Holy Spirit, and the Father, that same spirit still torments people to this day – if they do not know the truth.

Religion says, “You must find a way, no matter how impossible it may seem. You had better follow the rules or suffer punishment.” But relationship says, “Do your best because you love Me. I know your heart. Admit your faults, repent of your mistakes, and just keep loving Me.”


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