Monday, January 19, 2009

Thirty Things I Believe

I am catcing up on my Internet podcasts, blogs, etc. today, and am listening to "This I Believe" for January 18, 2009. there is this posting by a seven year old boy {Tarak McLain of Texas}-- it is absolutely amazing and want to share it. I am posting the link here, but want to write then out.

I hope we all become as good as this seven year old...

I Believe...

1. is good
2. ...God is in everything
3. ...we are all equal
4. ...we can help people
5. ...everyone is weird in their own way

6. ...hate is a cause for love
7. ...that when I meditate I feel peaceful
8. ...we should be generous
9. ...brothers and sisters should be kind to each other
10. should respect their parents

11. ...I should not whine
12. ...people should wake up early
13. ...people should go outside more
14. nature
15. ...people should use less trees

16. ...we should help the Arctic and rain forest animals
17. ...people should not throw litter on the ground
18. ...people should not smoke
19. ...God is in good and bad
20. magic

21. ...people should not give up
22. is everywhere
23. ...that God helps us to have a good time
24. ...we live best in a community
25. ...we can protect people in danger

26. ...we should help people who are poor
27. is OK to die, but not to kill
28. ...wars should not have started
29. ...war should stop
30. ...we can make peace