Friday, November 2, 2012

Cherish the Anointing...Give Thanks Every Day


Cherish the Anointing

1 John 2:27

You have a precious treasure within you as a believer in Christ. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit dwells in you through the anointing. You can depend on it to lead and instruct you.

The anointing makes such a difference in your daily living. Without it, everything is a struggle. But with the anointing. All things are possible. Only as you understand the anointing can you know how to release it and increase it in your life.


You are empowered by the anointing for service and fruitfulness. So learn to respect it, be thankful for it, and put it to good use. Let it flow first to you to minister to your needs. Then let it flow through you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you.



Give Thanks Every Day

1 Thessalonians 5:18

During this Thanksgiving month, I encourage you to take time each day to thank God for something He has done for you. You are to thank Him always for everything – great or small – but being specific about something each day that is especially meaningful to you will be a blessing to you…..and to God.


There is so much in life to be thankful for, and that’s where you need to keep your focus – not just on Thanksgiving Day but every day.

Fill your mind with memories that are true, pure, lovely, excellent, and worthy of praise. Then express your thanks to God. As the psalmist says in Psalm 100:4, “Be thankful and say so to Him, bless and affectionately praise His name!” End this day right by being thankful.


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