Monday, November 5, 2012

Experience God’s Peace and Rest...


Experience God's Peace and Rest

1 Chronicles 23:25

This declaration of David speaks of a God who has faithfully given peace and rest to His people – down through the ages, and still today.

In your busy world, your days are often filled to overflowing with all kinds of work and activities that can drain you of your physical energy and leave your mind reeling from the sheer volume.


I am sure it was the same in David's day. The pace may have been slower but the responsibilities were just as demanding and draining. But David knew the secret to receiving the goodness of God was thanking and praising the Lord both morning and evening.


If you feel drained from a trying day, spend some quiet time with the Lord before you go to bed. Tell Him how much you thank Him and praise Him for being with you today….and for the peace and rest you are about to experience as you lie down to sleep.


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