Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank you Prayer

Heavenly Father; I Come to you As Humbly As I Know How. I Confess My Sins, Those Known & Unknown. Lord, you Know I'm Not Perfect & I Fall Short Every day Of My Life. I Just Want to Take Time Out to Say Thank you. Thank you for your Mercy. Thank you for My Home, Car, Food, Life, and Everything I Do Have. I Realize That this Life I'm Living Is Full Of Trials & Tribulations But Thank you for Not Putting More On Me Than I Can Bear.  

Please Send This Prayer to Everyone that needs help.  The Next Time you Get Ready to Complain, Tell The Devil you are A Blessed Child Of God & you Have More to Be Thankful for Than to Worry About. We Must Go Thru The Storm to Appreciate The Sunshine!!

God is going to fix two (BIG) things tonight in your favor. 

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