Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Find Strength Through Adversity / Stand Firm/ Test Your Faith

Find Strength Through Adversity

You may be experiencing some sort of adversity in your life today. Someone close to you may be hard to get along with. You don't like your job, or maybe you have other obstacles in your path. Regardless of what's going on in your life, understand this; the tough times of life cause us to grow; that's when our faith is stretched. That's when God is doing a work in us. It may be uncomfortable. We may not like it, but we can keep the right attitude, God has promised to use that difficulty for our good. He'll use it for our advantage.

Our attitude in adversity should be, God, I know You're in complete control of my life, and you've got me exactly where You want me to be, so I'm going to stay filled with faith.

1 Corinthians 16:13

Stand Firm

Your faith is similar to a muscle. It grows stronger through resistance. It is exercised when it's being stretched, when it's being pushed. That's why God does not usually deliver us from adversity or uncomfortable situations overnight. He uses those times to build our "spiritual muscles."

Some people live in despair and disappointment, all because their circumstances are not exactly what they desire them to be. They are never happy unless everything is going their way, everybody is treating them right, and they are immune from experiencing discomfort. In other words, they never are happy! Besides, that's a very shallow way to live. And, if you lose your joy every time something negative happens to you, the enemy will make sure you always have somebody or something in you life that's going to keep you sour. But don't make that mistake.

Test of Your Faith

You may have a thousand difficult reasons why you could be unhappy, but don't slip into that trap. Choose to enjoy each day in spite of your circumstances. Every day you live with a negative attitude, dominated by your discouragements, is a day you've wasted. And what a shame to waste what God has given us!

Understand adversities are simply a test of your faith. Perhaps God wants to see how you will treat other people when you are mistreated. What kind of attitude are you going to have if your prayers aren't answered quickly? Our characters develop in the tough times. Something happens on the inside; God is causing us to grow up. If He delivered us instantaneously from every problem, we'd never develop into the persons He really wants us to be.

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