Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day- Part II

Today is our national holiday to honor our working people-- which is everybody. There are parades, speeches at union halls and family gatherings. It is the unofficial End of Summer.

But there is good news....

We all have our cultural and family traditions. In the African American community, we like to:

1. BBQ [pork ribs are highly preferred]
2. Tell stories [funny or inspirational]
3. play cards [Spades or Tonk]
4. Spend happy time together
5. Spend time doing favorite hobbies.


a. my story telling sonny has completed #2 and #3.
b. My husband is working on #1.
c. and we are all doing #4
d. I have...
gone out for coffee
played Soduku
made shiskabobs for the grill
ate popcorn
and still have time to finish my book #5.


enjoy your time with your friends, family, pets [real or virtual or Skyped]

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