Friday, February 7, 2014



                                                                                                            THE BEST TIME TO GIVE

                                                            In my affliction and trouble I have provided for the house of the Lord……..1 CHRONICLES 22:14


God said that David was a man after His won heart – one who would do all of His will and carry out His program fully (see Acts 13:22).  David was a giving man, and he gave generously toward the building of God’s house.  Even in his own times of trouble and affliction, he continued to give generously.


Sometimes when we are struggling, we are tempted to stop giving to others.  Our thoughts turn towards ourselves and we do not feel like being a blessing to others; we want someone to comfort us.  But when we are hurting, we should behave as we would if we were not hurting.  We should keep all our commitments, including our financial commitments to the work of God.


We all go through difficult seasons of testing, and our behavior during those times clearly reveals our level of spiritual maturity.  Mature Christians do what is right because it is right – and they never quit.  They do not change when their circumstances change.


People who are givers look for opportunities to give to others; they do not look for reasons to get out of giving.  I believe that seeds sown during hard times are more powerful than any other kind.  God appreciates our faithfulness.  If I am hurting because of a trial I am going through and I feel tempted not to give because of my personal pain, I purposely give a little extra, just to let the enemy know where I stand.  When Jesus died for us He was hurting, yet he still gave His best.  Let’s always go the extra mile and never compromise on our commitments.



                                                            Love Others Today: Do not be an emotional giver; choose to be a person who does what is right on purpose, no matter how you feel.



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