Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't judge.....

                                                                                                            PRAYER INSTEAD OF JUDGEMENT

                                                There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MOTHER TERESA OF CALCUTTA


God often allows us to see or know things about people specifically for the purpose of praying for them, but we often judge and criticize instead of praying. 


Years ago, I saw two women leaving a donut shop.  They were both at least 100 pounds overweight, and they were each carrying an entire box of donuts.  I could sense in my heart that they had serious problems with

their emotions and were eating to comfort themselves.  Perhaps they had been abused or had endured a lifetime of emotional pain and rejection.  When we encounter people, we never know what they have been through

or what they are currently suffering.


Although I was tempted to criticize them, the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray instead.  I simply prayed, "God, help those two women to lose weight, and help them know that You are the answer to their problems.  Send

someone into their lives who can speak the words they need to hear. Amen." 


There have been times in my life when I needed to lose weight and hoped someone was praying for me.  I would much rather have people's prayers than their judgment.


Too often people see situations such as the one I just described and think, That's terrible.  The last thing these women need is a donut!  Many of us are quick to judge others and jump to conclusions about them.  We need to

discipline our minds to refrain from judgment; we need to view people through the lens of compassion and do the one thing that can make a difference: pray!



                                                Love Others Today: "Lord, help me to see others in a loving way and not make quick, unkind judgments."



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