Friday, August 17, 2012

Comfort for Mourning...Words of Purpose...Choose to Forgive



Comfort for Mourning

Psalm 30:11 …………you have turned my mourning into dancing for me

          I Isaiah 61:2 it was prophesied that the coming Messiah would "comfort all who mourn." In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said those who mourn are blessed for they will be comforted (see Matthew 5:4). The comfort of God that is administered by His Holy Spirit is so awesome it is almost worth having a problem just to be able to experience it. It goes far beyond any kind of ordinary human comfort.

          Let God be your source of comfort. In those times when you are hurting, just ask Him to comfort you. Then wait in His presence while He works in your heart and emotions. He will not fail you, if you will only give Him a chance to come to your aid.



Words of Purpose

Isaiah 55:11 …………my word shall not return to me void

          The prophets were mouthpieces for God. They were called to speak God's words to people, situations, cities, dry bones, mountains, or whatever God told them to speak to. To fulfill their God-ordained mission they had to be submitted to the Lord – their mouth had to be His.

          If you desire the words of your mouth to carry God's power, your mouth must belong to Him. Usually people who have "verbal" gifts also have some glaring weaknesses in the area of their mouth. If you desire to be used by God you need to allow Him to deal with you concerning your mouth and what comes out of it. When you speak His words they will accomplish their purpose and will never return void.



Choose to Forgive

John 20:23

          The greatest deception Satan has perpetuated in the area of forgiveness is the idea that if your feelings have not changed, you have not truly forgiven. Many people believe this lie. They decide to forgive someone who has harmed them, but the devil convinces them that because they still have the same feelings, they have not really forgiven the person.

          You can make the right decision to forgive and not feel any differently. This is where faith is needed to carry you through. You have done your part and now you are waiting on God. His part is to heal your emotions, to make you feel well and whole. Only God has the power to change your feelings toward the person who hurt you.




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