Friday, March 2, 2012

Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are

Proverbs 3:28

When God tells you to help someone, it's easy to put it off. You intend to obey God; it is just that you are going to do it later-when you have more money, when you are not so busy, when Christmas is over, when the kids are back in school, or when vacation is over.


There is no point in praying for God to give you money so you can be a blessing to others if you are not being a blessing with what you already have. Satan will try to tell you that you do not have anything to give – but do not believe Him.


Even if it is only small amounts of money, a pack of gum, or a ballpoint pen, start using what you have. As you begin giving, what you have, God will bring increase into your life, and you will be able to give on an even larger scale.




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