Friday, March 23, 2012

Eliminate the Negative


Eliminate the Negative

Philemon 1:6

The communication of your faith is made effectual by acknowledging every good thing that is in you through Christ Jesus, not by acknowledging every thing that is wrong with you.


The devil wants you to spend every waking moment acknowledging in your mind and out of your mouth how awful you are. He continually tries to redirect your focus from who you are in Christ, back to your shortcomings. He wants to deceive you into believing that because of your faults, you are worthless.


But you can increase your self-acceptance and improve your opinion of yourself by deciding right here and now you will not entertain one more negative thought or allow one more negative word about yourself to come out of your mouth.


Start acknowledging the good things that are in you because of Christ.



There Is a Way Out

2 Corinthians 4:8 we are hedged in on every side, but not driven to despair

Despair is a state in which a person feels so overcome by a sense of futility or defeat they do not know what to do. At such times, it seems there is no way out. But for believers there is always a way out of every situation because Jesus has told us, “I am the Way” (John 14:6).


It is very comforting to know that although there are times when you are pressed on every side and perplexed because there seems to be no way out, the Lord has promised He will not forsake you.


So when it seems you have come to a dead end, do not be driven to despair. God will show you the way to go and lead you through to victory.



Let the Master Builder Complete the Job

Hebrews 3:4

God is the Master Builder – the one who builds and equips you for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible tells you it is God who starts a good work in you, and it is God who will finish it! This means you should let Him do His work in you. There are certain things only God can do, and your part is to let Him do it.


Confess your sins and failures to the Lord, confident that He will forgive you. Then trust Him with the job of perfecting you for the work He wants you to do in this life. This will take the pressure off you and relieve you of the anxiety of trying to perfect yourself.





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