Monday, March 19, 2012

life’s too short...

Many of my inspirational positing are from a lovely soul at an area company.


She shared this with me today—please take a minute and look after your health.


GO to the doctor if you have been putting it off!!!


Encourage  a loved one to go to the doctor !!



Have a great weekJ Let me just say soooooo glad to be able to send this out this morning.  God truly gave me a wake up call last Wednesday.  Who goes to a scheduled doctors appointment, only to be transported to the ED via ambulance with possible heart attack?  God you don't have to tell me any longer to stop playing rushing roulette with my heath issues. Yesterday in church I found myself thinking about so many family and friends who did not get that second chance, were hearing so much about loosing loved ones to sudden heart attacks.    I thank God for my doctor for being so proactive and reacting.  After a few days of rest and new medication I feel like my old self.  I got a second chance, life's to short, so I'm going to grasp it and hold on tight.

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