Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Things Mean a Lot

Little Things Mean a Lot


Zechariah 4:10


Little things are often viewed as being insignificant, but in reality, they are very important. They are the spice of life.

It is a mistake to be interested only in the main course (big things), disregarding the need for the little things (spices). The main course without spice is bland, tasteless, and unsatisfying.


Parents may feel they are showing love for their family by working long hours and bringing home plenty of money to assure financial security. But if working long hours and making lots of money (the seemingly big thing) means they have little time at home for the little things like talking and laughing with the family and doing fun things together, the marriage and family relationships become dull and unsatisfying.


So if you have been overlooking the importance of the little things in life, it is time to add some spice to your life. Why not start tonight?

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