Friday, March 30, 2012

Are You Lonely Tonight?...Be Willing and Yielded...Honor Him First


Are You Lonely Tonight?

Jeremiah 31:13 ………….turn your mourning into joy

One of the many sources of sorrow is loneliness. Some who suffer most from loneliness, which is a form of grief, are the shy or extremely timid; those who feel misunderstood; the divorced and unmarried; the widowed; the elderly…..the list goes on and on. Loneliness can manifest as an inner ache, a vacuum, or a craving for affection. Its side effects include feelings of emptiness, uselessness, or purposelessness. But loneliness can be cured, no matter what the cause.


If you are lonely, you must realize you can confront it in the name of Jesus Christ.


God has promised to be with you always and to never leave or forsake you. Ask Him to reveal His precious Presence to you. Also, ask Him for what I call “divine connections” – right friends who will be real friends that God Himself has chosen for you. Stand on His promise that He will comfort you and cause you to rejoice. Then get ready for the joy!



Be Willing and Yielded

Romans 8:31 if God is for us…

You do not have to depend on your own human efforts to overcome adversity and opposition or to earn favor and win promotion. When God is ready to move in your life, He will give you favor and promotion - and no devil in hell or person on earth will be able to prevent it from happening.


It does not matter what people think of you. Your weaknesses and inabilities do not make any difference to God. His criteria for using people are not their talents, gifts, and abilities. He is looking for people who are willing and yielded. God looks for availability, not ability.  


Let God build you, your reputation, and your career. When the time is right He will deliver you out of adversity, and then you will see the fulfillment of your dreams.



Honor Him First

1 John 2:27 ……………his anointing abides in you

This verse is not suggesting you don’t need anyone to teach you the Work. Otherwise, God would not appoint some to teach in the body of Christ. But it does say if you are in Christ, you have an anointing that abides on the inside of you to guide and direct your life.


Sometimes you give more consideration to what people tell you than to what God has said. You might occasionally ask somebody for their wisdom, but if you hear from God and then start asking everybody else what they think, you are honoring people’s opinions above the Word of God. You need to say, “God, no matter what anybody else says, no matter what my own plan is, if You say something to me, I am going to honor You above anything else.


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