Wednesday, March 26, 2014


                                                                                    SIGNS THAT GOD IS WORKING

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter til the full light of day.    PROVERBS 4:18 NIV


One thing that excites God is to see us making progress in life.  And our progress should cause us to be excited, too.  I spent way too many years mourning over my faults and weaknesses.  I was taught to grieve

over my sin, but nobody in the church world ever told me to celebrate my progress.  If you have missed this important lesson like I did, then today I am telling you to celebrate, celebrate and then celebrate your progress

some more.


I am not where I want to be in terms of holy behavior, but thank God I am not where I used to be.  I have made a lot of progress in the years I have had a serious relationship with God.  God has changed me so much that

truly I am a new creature just has His Word promises in 2Corinthians 5:17.  My husband probably thinks he has been married to several woman during his journey with me, because I certainly am not like the one he

started with!


Today’s Scripture says that the path of the righteous grows brighter and brighter ever day.  If you can look back and say, “I’ve improved over the last year.  My behavior is a little bit better” then you can celebrate!  If you feel you

have made no progress at all, then the devil is probably lying to you.  I believe you want to improve, and the truth is that anyone who wants to improve will improve.


                        Love God Today: Your path is growing brighter and clearer every day, and celebrating your progress is one way of saying, “Thank You, God.”




Stay warm and be safe driving in this weather



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