Wednesday, March 26, 2014


                                                                                    SHOW GOD YOU'RE SERIOUS


So we fasted and besought our God for this, and He heard our entreaty.                        EZRA 8:23


In today's Scripture we read that Ezra proclaimed a fast to show his desperation to God when the Israelites required protection and needed to know what to do.  Fasting is still powerful and relevant today.  It causes us to deny ourselves and focus on God.  Missing a few meals and taking that time to seek God is not a bad idea; if you can't fast food, you might fast television or some form of entertainment.  Spend the time you would normally give to these things with God.


Ezra and the Israelites sought God.  When we seek God we pursue, crave and go after God with all our might.


We need to seek God all the time, not only during times of difficulty or desperation.  I believe the reason so many people have problems so often is that they only turn to God when all else has failed.  I have wondered if they would spend any time with Him at all if He were to remove their problems.  IF we will seek God as though we are always desperate for Him, we won't find ourselves so "desperate" in reality on a regular basis.


Make a habit of spending time with God, and in moments when you're facing a critical situation, consider some kind of fast and concentrated prayer to demonstrate to Him that you are willing to sacrifice your own desires in order to seek His direction, help, and strength.


                                    Love God Today: What can you sacrifice for a while in order to seriously seek God and spend time in His presence?



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