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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Patience is the companion of wisdom


                                                                                    PATIENCE, PATIENCE

Patience is the companion of wisdom.  St. Augustine


One of the greatest ways to show love to others is to be patient with them.  Sometimes we talk about being patient in very general terms, so today I want to call your attention to some specific everyday life situations in which you can express love through being patient. 


Be patient with people’s different opinions.  We all have people in our lives who have personalities that are hard for us to handle.  That’s an opportunity to exercise patience. 


Be patient with someone tells you a story for the third time, even though you mentioned in the beginning.  “Yes, you told me that last week.”


Be patient when people interrupt you.


Be patient when people call you before you’re really awake and say, ‘Oh you’re not up yet? I’ve been up for a couple of hours.”


Be patient when people goof around and act silly when you’re trying to be serious.


Be patient when people push in front of you in line or take a parking space when you’ve been waiting for it with your blinkers on.


Be patient when a clerk has to change the receipt tape in the cash register before she can complete your purchase.


There are lots of ways to demonstrate patience with others. When you do, you are showing them love.



                        Love Others Today: Help me, God, to be patient with others in every possible way.



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