Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Do It!


Just Do It!

Philippians 2:14 … all things without grumbling

          When your feelings get off track, you need to keep them from running your life. You need to submit your will to what God tells you to do through His Word to you. If you do not feel like going to church, go anyway. If you do not feel like giving that special offering God told you to give, do it anyway. If God tells you to give away items, you feel like keeping, give them away with joy.

          If you really want to be happy and you want God’s anointing on your life, you must be obedient to the voice of God – regardless of what you think about it or how you feel. We do not always have to know why God wants us to do something. We just need to know what He tells us to do - and then do it!



From the Inside Out

Matthew 3:8………….let your life prove your change of heart

          Our society places so much importance on the way things look that appearances often take priority over true quality. One time I saw some big, perfect oranges in the grocery store and decided to buy one. I was sure the orange would taste as good as it looked, but when I peeled that beautiful thing and took a bite, it was dry and bitter.

          Giving consideration to whether you are as good on the inside as you look on the outside is a serious matter. Many people are searching for God today, and there are numerous teachings about how to find Him that sound right. As Christians, we need to make sure we are “the real thing” and not a phony. Only then, will people see Jesus in us and want what we have.



Light and Life

Genesis 1:1-4 ….in the beginning

          You see a spiritual principle at work in these verses - light overpowering darkness. Life overpowering death works the same way. Pour in light and darkness has to flee. Pour in life and death has to flee.

          Some people fight with the devil all the time, and while they are doing so they are also speaking death to themselves and their situation. Not only can you overcome death and darkness in your own life by speaking the Word, you can be an effective intercessor in the lives of others.



A Hearing Heart

1 Kings 3:9…...a hearing heart to judge Your people

          Jesus said, “Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matthew 24:4). The Bible tells you that in the last day’s deception will become so rampant that even God’s select people could be deceived. There will be people who say they are the Christ, the Messiah, and false prophets who will deceive and lead many people astray. They will even show great signs and wonders. It will be pretty confusing to tell who is who and what is what.

          You need a great deal of discernment, and the Bible says you can have it if you seek it. God wants you to ask Him for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He wants to give you discretion and discernment. Seek God tonight and ask Him for these things. He will surely bless you with a heart that hears clearly and discerns what is right.

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