Friday, June 22, 2012

Don’t Be Caught Sleeping

Don't Be Caught Sleeping

Matthew 26:41

          Jesus wanted the disciples to pray with Him, but they kept falling asleep. He was trying to prepare them for the trial that was coming. He was saying, "Don't sleep, pray! You're going to be tempted beyond what you can bear if you don't pray." As Jesus prayed, and angel came and strengthened Him in spirit enabling Him to endure the cross. But the disciples didn't pray – they slept – and proved that the flesh truly is weak.

          Your spirit is willing to do what is right, but your flesh will not help you. Your flesh will rule you if you do not pray and ask God to strengthen you in spirit and to help you resist temptation. Your flesh may be tired tonight, but spend some time in prayer. You do not know what tests may come tomorrow.



Take a Stand

Psalm 31:19

          The phrase, "before the sons of men" means that if you will not be a closet Christian, but live for Jesus openly before others, God will store up His goodness for you.

          Many Christians are not comfortable talking about their faith. We all have moments where we do not take a stand for God like we should. Maybe we are afraid of being rejected, isolated, or ridiculed. It can feel awkward to say, "I really don't want to hear a dirty joke. I am a Christian and I am not interested in going to an inappropriate movie, or hitting the bars after work. That is not what I am about. My relationship with God is too important to me."     

          You should not be a lukewarm, wishy-washy Christian. When you take an uncompromising stand for Christ, God will reward you openly.



Waiting on His Goodness

Exodus 33:1-, 21-23

          In times of trouble, God hides you in Christ. Safe in the cleft of the Rock, there is provision for your needs. It may not be everything you want, but He gives you what you need to get through the situation.

          Perhaps you are facing difficulty and have been waiting and waiting to see God's glory. God desires to pour out His goodness upon you. He has covered you with His hand and is continually moving toward you with the answer. You may not see Him coming, but you will certainly know when He has been there! 


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