Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fiery Trials and the patient man...



Fiery Trials

Romans 12:12

          I have heard patience defined as “a fruit of the spirit that can only be developed under trial”. Really, you cannot develop patience any other way. That means the only way you can develop the fruit of patience is by being around obnoxious people who drive you crazy; waiting in backed-up traffic; waiting in endless grocery store lines; waiting for breakthroughs; waiting for your healing; waiting for people in your life to change; and waiting for yourself to change.

          Be patient with yourself! Be patient with your own spiritual growth. Be patient with God if He is not coming through at the time you would like Him to be patient with people; be patient with circumstances. Be patient because in patience you possess your soul. James 1:4 says that the patient man is perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.


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