Friday, May 25, 2012

Wear God’s Armor and Stand Your Ground

Wear God's Armor and Stand Your Ground

Ephesians 6:13… put on God's complete armor…

          When the devil comes against you, you must have on the complete armor of God if you are to resist the devil and do all God wants you to do.

          You must realize that what you do to overcome one crisis may not be the best way to handle the next crisis. The solution to your problem is not in a certain method or procedure, but in the power, God gives you to

          When you deal with a crisis, the key is not in your method but in unleashing the power of God through faith. So wear God's armor, stand your ground against the devil, lift up the shield of faith, and see how God will bring the victory!



Be a Blessing Everywhere You Go

2 Corinthians 9:9

          It is both good and scriptural to give to the poor - they should be one of your primary concerns. Look for people who are needy and bless them. Share what you have with those who are less fortunate.

          But it is also good to remember that everyone needs blessings – even the rich, the successful, and those who appear to have everything. What you buy or do for these people is not the real issue; they may not need the gift, but they need the love.

          We all get weary sometimes and need to be encouraged, edified, complimented, and appreciated. This can be done with words alone, but it is a nice gesture to add a gift when appropriate.

          Remember, God blesses you so you can be a blessing – not only in a few places but everywhere you go!



Discipline Your Thoughts and Words

Proverbs 18:20-21

          Troubles are a part of life, but God has provided a powerful way for you to free yourself of the worry and anxiety that normally accompany your problems.

          God wants good things for your life, but you must cooperate with Him by carefully choosing what you think and speak. By speaking negative words, you are inviting negative experiences, but when you speak positive, faith-filled words, you can expect to receive the goodness of God.

          Yes, times of trouble are inevitable, but it is during these times that you have the opportunity to discipline your thoughts and words, obey God, and exercise and stretch your faith. When you choose discipline, you are choosing life!



Stop Trying and Start Trusting

Philippians 2:13 ….God is all the while effectually at work in you

          Most of us desire the good life God has planned for us, but we recognize areas in our lives that need to be changed. Many times, you set out to make those changes, yet in spite of your best efforts, you seem powerless to make it happen.

          Trying to bring about change through your own strength and plans will always result in frustration. God is waiting for you to stop trying to change and start trusting Him to change you.

          If you need to make changes in your thoughts, attitudes, and behavior, understand that you cannot do it by yourself.

Spend time with God and ask for His help – after all, if He cannot do it, it cannot be done. But He can…...and He will!


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