Monday, May 7, 2012

Love by Giving...Live One Day at a Time...Change Your Focus

Love by Giving

1 John 3:17-17

Many people love things and use people to get them. But God intends for you to love people and use things to bless them. Sharing your possessions with others is one way to move love from the “talking about it stage” to the “doing it stage”.


God has given you a heart of compassion, but you choose whether to open or close it. There are hurting people all around you, and simple acts of kindness can make these individuals feel loved and valuable.


Do not just strive to have more prosperity; strive to excel in giving. If you do, you will discover God makes sure you have enough to meet your own needs, with plenty to give away.



Live One Day at a Time

Matthew 6:14….do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow…


Most of us have enough to handle today without worrying about tomorrow. God will give you grace for today, but He will not give you grace for tomorrow until tomorrow arrives.


So often people worry about something that never happens. When you begin to think about the “what ifs”, the door opens for fear and worry. Some people worry so much that their worries become fear, and often the things people fear manifest in their life.


Do not allow yourself to dread tomorrow. Just know that God is faithful. It is comforting to know that whatever tomorrow may hold, He holds tomorrow. His grace is sufficient to meet the need. Do not waste today’s grace by worrying about tomorrow. Live one day at a time and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish for Christ.



Change Your Focus

Philippians 1:9-10 … sense what is valid

Paul prayed this prayer for the believers at the church in Philippi, knowing they could not have powerful, victorious lives unless they learned the real value of loving others. You too must make a true commitment to walk in love, which may require you to readjust your priorities and change your focus. You should have your mind renewed to what love really is. It is not a feeling you have; it is a decision you make – a decision to treat people the way Jesus would treat them.


          A true love walk does not come easily or without personal sacrifice, but the benefits are great. God will enrich your life like never before. Loving others is the pathway to true joy.


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