Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enjoy the righteousness of Christ

Enjoy the righteousness of Christ

Romans 4:24

          It is an awe-inspiring thing to realize you are in right standing with God simply because you believe in Him. Because Jesus who knew no sin, became sin, you are the righteousness of God. What a thrilling and humbling thought.

          But the devil does not want you to walk in the wonderful thrill of that reality. He wants to bring up all your faults and distract you from the joy of righteousness Jesus died to give you.

          Do not let the devil steal the thrill of your righteousness through Christ. As you prepare for a night of rest, spend a few quiet moments thinking about that matchless gift, and worship the one who made it all possible. Go to sleep thinking, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:21).



Heed the Signposts

Isaiah 30:21

          Suppose you are driving along the road. In the middle of the road are lines. Some are yellow double lines warning that if you cross them, you run a high risk of being in a head-on collision. Some are broken white lines that mean you can cross into the other lane and pass the car in front of you as long as you are cautious and check for oncoming traffic.

          There are also signposts that give specific direction or warning: “Detour,” “One Way,” “Under Construction”, “Curve Ahead”. If you heed the instructions, you will avoid getting into an unsafe situation.

          The same is true in life. There are spiritual signposts that instruct us about how to stay under God’s protection. If you will heed these signposts, you will be able to safely remain on course. For example, always follow peace and you will be going in the right direction.



Love Man…..Trust God

John 2:23-25

          Jesus loved people, especially His disciples. He had great fellowship with them, traveled with them, ate with them, and taught them. But He did not put His trust in them, because He knew human nature.

          This does not mean He had no trust in His relationship with them; He just did not open Himself to them in the same way that He trusted in and opened up to His heavenly Father. That is the way you should be.

          Many times people form close relationships and depend on their friends to be there for them instead of looking to God. But you do not want to do that. Even in the best relationships, people will disappoint you because people are not perfect.

          It is right to love and respect others, but always remember that only God can be counted on to never fail you!


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