Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Remember God and Take Action...Don’t Exceed Reasonable Limits

Remember God and Take Action

Psalm 42:6 ….the burden is more than I can bear, therefore I will earnestly remember you

When you are down, the devil wants you to remember every foul, rotten, stinking thing that has ever happened to you and every shameful, detestable, despicable thing you have ever done.

God wants you to remember Him and sing praises to Him in the midst of your miserable situation. Remember you are a new creature; old things have passed away.

When King Saul was assaulted by an evil spirit, he took action. Saul called for David to come play his harp to soothe His troubled spirit (see 1 Samuel 16)

Whenever you feel your spirit starting to sink, you need to take action immediately. Do not wait.

Remember the Lord and the good things He has done for you – it will boost your faith and lift your spirit! Lift your hands in praise and your voice in song. Satan cannot defeat a worshipper.



Don't Exceed Reasonable Limits

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

          In today's world, stress is a normal part of every day life. God created you to withstand normal amounts of pressure and tension, and if you keep stress within reasonable limits, there is no problem. However, if you do not, the trouble begins.

          Many stressful situations are unavoidable, but too often you cause yourself extra stress by working too hard and too long, not eating and sleeping properly, and getting so involved in activities – even good works – that you exceed wise limits. If you keep adding to that mental and emotional stress, you get into trouble.

          If you are pushing yourself beyond reasonable limits, it is time to remember that the Holy Spirit lives in you. You owe it to Him and to yourself to let Him help you recognize and stay within your limits. Do not burn out. Burn on!


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