Friday, January 17, 2014

TRUST ME with every fiber of your being


TRUST ME with every fiber of your being!  What I can accomplish in and through you is proportional to how much you depend on Me.  One aspect of this the degree to which you trust Me in a crisis or major decision.  Some people fail miserably here, while others are at their best in tough times.  Another aspect is even more telling: the constancy of your trust in Me.  People who rely on Me in the midst of adversity may forget about Me when life is flowing smoothly.  Difficult times can jolt you into awareness of your need for Me, whereas smooth sailing can lull you into the stupor of self-sufficiency.


I care as much about your tiny trust-steps though daily life as about you dramatic leaps of faith.  You may think that no one notices, but the One who is always beside you sees everything  - rejoices.  Consistently trusting in Me is vital to flourishing in My Presence.


                                                                        PSALM 40:4, PSALM 56:3-4, PSALM 62:8, ISAIAH 26:3-4




I AM YOUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH, an ever-present Help in trouble.  Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of anything – not even cataclysmic circumstances.  The media are increasingly devoted to fear-including subject matter: terrorism, serial killers, environmental catastrophes.  If you focus on such dangers and forget that I am your Refuge in all circumstances, you will become increasingly fearful.  Everyday I manifest My grace in countless places and situations, but the media take no notice.  I shower not only blessings but also outright miracles on your planet.


As you closer to Me, I open your eyes to see more and more of My Presence all around you.  Things that most people hardly notice, like shifting shade of sunlight, fill you with heart-busting Joy.  You have eyes that see and ears that hear, so proclaim My abiding Presence in the world.


                                                                        PSALM 46:1-3, PSALM 89:15


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