Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am Blessed

While in Houston for my grandson's radiation treatment for cancer, I took an early morning walk. Hurrying to finish before the humid August air became unbearable, I noticed another person walking at a much faster clip. I slowed to let him pass and offered a customary "Hi." I don't usually begin a conversation while exercising, but this particular morning I added, "How are you doing today?" He turned to look without slowing his pace; and with an immense smile he answered with conviction, "I'm blessed."
Continuing my walk, I pondered his words. As a child of God with everlasting hope and forgiveness, I too am blessed. Dealing with a difficult situation, such as a loved one's cancer treatments, we're apt to forget that we are indeed blessed. We forget to trust God no matter our circumstances and to be thankful for doctors, nurses, caring friends, and families. An unknown man reminded me that I am blessed and that my family is blessed. I doubt I will ever meet him again in this life, but his confident words are etched deeply and echo repeatedly in my thoughts: I am blessed. 

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