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Friday, July 6, 2012

power from heaven

Power from Heaven

Acts 1:8…...but you shall receive power

          It is possible to fill a glass with water without filling it to full capacity. Likewise, when you are born again you have the Holy Spirit in you, but you may not yet be totally filled with the Spirit. Many Christians are very busy doing things for God but do not have enough power in their lives to be what God wants us to be.

          Going through the motions and following religious formulas is a waste of time. You must have the revelation that Jesus is alive within you and allow Him to change you and make you a new creature in Christ. Do not tuck God away for emergencies and Sunday mornings. Allow Him to work freely in every area of your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.



A Better Blueprint

Romans 8:28………… all things work together for good.

          Notice here that Paul does not say that all things are good, but that all things work together for good. Paul also says in Romans 12:16 to “readily adjust yourself to [people, things]”. You must learn to become the kind of person who plans things but who doesn’t fall apart if that plan does not work out.

          Perhaps your car does not start tomorrow. You can think, “I knew it! My plans always fail.” Or your can tell yourself, “Well, I’ll go later when the car is fixed. There is probably some reason I need to be at home today, so I’m going to enjoy my time here.” Relax and trust God to work out the details of your life – His blue print is always best.



Be of Good Cheer

John 16:33… confident, certain, undaunted

          Life in today’s world can be stressful and frustrating – but as a Christian, you do not have to operate on the world’s system. Yes, you will face difficult and trying situations, but you can refuse to be agitated, disturbed, and upset (see John 14:27).

          Even in the midst of your problems, you can be happy and confident, cheerful and courageous. Now that is good news!

          When you come to the end of a tiring and frustrating day, it is good to spend time with God, thanking Him for overcoming the world on your behalf. Reflecting on His goodness will calm your spirit and prepare you for a peaceful night of rest.

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