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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life's Blessings in Life's Difficulties

This is a modern parable

Once upon a time, there was a busy professional who had two teenagers, and a husband. Her mother lived in a not so nearby suburb. Her sister had a second stroke, and was getting medical care and services situated at her home. Her mother had been campagining to go visit her brother in a nursing home, in the opposite end of the state. The professional woman hemmed and hawed, with valid excuses as to why she could not go...

She then agreed to do this for a major summer holiday-- in the winter. As the holiday approached, it seemed like the trip would have to be cancelled. [She had a business meeting that week. She would have to fly in from her out of town meeting, go home, drive, organize children, sister, find a hotel, pack, etc. It did not seem that it all could come to fruition...]  Then, everything fell into place:

  • power outtage in Washignton, DC
  • trip to Washginton DC cancelled
  • power outage at corporate headquarters-- office closes one day early
  • hotel found online-- able to add an extra day to the trip
  • husband, children and sister all checks, packed, and situated...

The business woman was still worried and passed a sleepless night, thinking about :
- how her mom would handle seeing her brother
-how the businesswoman would handle seeing my uncle.

Well, Uncle W-- was waiting for them in the lobby- looking strong, buff and handsome in his wheelchair.
He was peppy, and radiant-- he was glad to see them!

But what was insightful was all the people who hugged him and were talking and joking with him.

What the businesswoman thought would be a sad visit, was quite joyous. She, her mother and uncle went out to the garden and chatted-- and took a happy picture.Things went so well, the usinesswoman drove another fifty miles to bring the uncle's wife to visit at the nursing home. [They all took another picture!]

Moral of the Story-- do the emotionally difficult stufff. There is an opportunity for personal grownth, learning and blessings.

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