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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hope all had a wonderful weekend.  This was one of my busiest weekends, but it was the most rewarding.  I attended a women's conference that was truly life changing…and then Pastor Suzie Owens from Washington, DC delivered 2 powerful messages at our church on Sunday.  If you want/expect something from God, be specific and PRAY HARD!!!! He hears you and knows your heart.  Have a blessed week….Much Luv

Subject: SYDR
Learn to Wait with Patience
Hebrews 6:12… not become sluggish
          Experiencing trials while you are waiting to receive something God has promised you can be very difficult. However, when you understand how important it is to wait, it makes it worthwhile. This Scripture in Hebrews tells you that you inherit God's promises only through faith and patience.
          When you have trials, you grow – or at least you can grow if you learn to develop patience. God does not change, and He says you receive through faith and patience. So you must adapt to His ways - and doing things God's way can bring peace and joy to any situation.
          Patience is a fruit of the Spirit…and a powerful witness to others. So when you're experiencing a difficult trial, exercise patience. It is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.
Be transformed, Not Conformed
Romans 12:2 …do not be conformed to this world…...but be transformed by the renewal of your mind….
          God's will for you is transformation, which takes place from the inside out…,not conformation, which is someone's external, superficial idea of what you should be; nor your own efforts to conform to their ideas, expectations, and demands.
          Often the world wants to draw the borders of a box and put you in it. But this will not work because the box is not God's design.
          Most people think you should do what they are doing – that you should be a part of their plan. This is wonderful if God agrees, but when God says no we must say no also.
          In this quiet moment, determine that you will not be conformed to the wishes of your friends and relatives, but that you will be transformed and led by the Spirit of God.
Live in the Now
Matthew 14:27   Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid!
          This was Jesus' response to the disciples when they encountered a storm while out in a boat. He was saying, "I AM here for you right now, and you must have faith now that everything is going to be all right".
          That is how you should be living your life – with a "now" faith. Today you can have faith that yesterday and all of its mistakes can be taken care of by God. You can also have faith today that tomorrow will be taken care of when it arrives. But do not waste today worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Jesus is the great "I AM" and He is here for you today!
          God wants you to live for today. Worrying about yesterday or tomorrow steals today. But the great I AM has given you just enough grace for today. Grace for yesterday is all used up and grace for tomorrow will not come until tomorrow. So use the favor and power of the Holy Spirit to do His will right now.
Love with Your Thoughts
Proverbs 23:7…...For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.
          You make a mistake when you have the opinion that your thoughts do not affect other people. You can often feel the thoughts of others, and they can feel your thoughts.
          Your thoughts not only affect others, they also affect you in a most amazing way. This verse in Proverbs teaches you that you become what you think.
          If you think loving thoughts, you become loving. But often you think things about people that you would never say to them, not realizing that even your thoughts can affect them. It is virtually impossible to treat people in a loving way if you are thinking angry thoughts about them.
          This is a good lesson for you. It is possible to sin though, word, or deed, so if you want to be a loving person you must choose to think good thoughts about other people. Learn to love with your thoughts - it will be good for you and others.
Follow Wisdom
Proverbs 8:12
          There is a lot of powerful information in this small Scripture – information you would do well to explore. In the Scriptures, being prudent means being good stewards or managers of the gifts that God has given you to use. Those gifts include time, energy, strength, and health, as well as material possessions.
          Each of us has been given a different set of gifts, and each of us has different abilities to manage those gifts. It is your individual responsibility to develop knowledge and discretion as to how you can best use your gifts. You do this by listening to the Lord and obeying what He tells you to do.
          Following Wisdom is an excellent choice - one that will bring you many blessings!

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