Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Confident in Christ...Dwell in Peace...Let God Be Good to You


Be Confident in Christ

Philippians 4:13

You were created by a great God to do great things. But without confidence, you will never fulfill your destiny. It is important, however, to remember you are to be confident not in yourself but in Christ who dwells in you. Satan tries to steal your confidence, but you must resist him at all times. If he has tormented you with fears about your worth and abilities, boldly remind him God is with you and you are equal to anything.


It is encouraging to know God is able even when you are not. He has His eye on you and is waiting for you to show confidence in Him. Faith opens the door for God’s greatness to be seen through your life, so trust Him, and enjoy the peace and power of a confident life.



Dwell in Peace

Psalm 34:14

In our strife-torn world, do you ever long for a few peaceful moments? That is what God wants for you. He instructs you in His Word to live in unity and harmony and to pursue peace. Why then is it so difficult to get through a day without being invaded by the spirit of strife? Satan works through the weaknesses in your flesh to keep the atmosphere in your life and the attitudes of your heart in continual turmoil. He seeks to draw you away from peace and into strife, which brings devastation and destruction.


But God’s power is greater than the devil’s and when you come against strife in the name of Jesus you render it powerless to rob you of the peace and joy that is your divine inheritance. Take a few moments in the quiet of the evening to enjoy the wonderful peace and presence of God, and you will enjoy a good night’s sleep.



Let God Be Good to You

Isaiah 30:18

Isn’t this a wonderful verse? It tells you God is waiting to be good to you. He is actually looking and longing for an opportunity to show His goodness. He is a God of justice.


Are you available? Do not fall into Satan’s trap of being negative. Do not believe it when he tells you your past is not past and your future is bleak. Choose to believe God and get ready to receive the wonderful gifts He is waiting to give to you. Go to sleep meditating on this thought: Something good is going to happen to me!

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