Monday, February 28, 2011

30 Days of Encouraging Your Husband

In the morning Ladies rise a few minutes earlier to pray over your husband before he leaves for work.

 In the evening pray with him about his day and leadership of the family.Before bed whisper sweet words to him, thanking him for providing for your family.Tell him he is handsome, smart, and say I love you

Then read Song of Solomon to him.

Husbands join the 30 day challenge. Rub or soak her feet.Rub her neck or back.

Showing her love without making love.

Write her a note put on her pillow, take her out for a surprise lunch or dinner.

Thank her for being your helpmate, your rib, taking care of your household and family.

At bedtime read Proverbs 31 to her. Pray for her and your family.Tell her you love her.

During the 30 day challenge watch God move in your marriage!


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