Friday, November 19, 2010

Happiness Is Your Choice


Psalm 118:24

Happiness Is Your Choice

It is a simple yet profound truth: happiness is a choice. You don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect in your family or with your business. You don’t have to forgo happiness until you lose weight, break an unhealthy habit, or accomplish all your goals. Happiness is your choice.


You might as well choose to be happy and enjoy your life! When you do that, not only will you feel better, but your faith will cause God to show up and work wonders. To do so, you must learn to live in today, one day at a time; better yet, make the most of this moment. It’s good to set goals and make plans, but if you’re always living in the future, you’re never really enjoying the present in the way God wants us to.



John 14:27

Grace for Today

We need to understand that God gives us the grace to live today. He has not yet given us tomorrow’s grace, and we should not worry about it. Learn to live one day at a time. By an act of your will, choose to start enjoying your life right now. Learn to enjoy your family, friends, health, and work; enjoy everything in your life. Happiness is a decision you make, not an emotion you feel. God gives us His peace on the inside but it’s up to us to tap into God’s supernatural peace.


To enjoy your best life now is to choose to be happy this morning. Life is too short not to enjoy every single day.



Colossians 3:15

Let Peace Rule

We all have difficulties, struggles, and challenges, but if we make the mistake of allowing those circumstances to dictate our happiness, we risk missing out on God’s abundant life. It was never His intention for us to live one day “on cloud nine,” and the next day down in the dumps because we have problems. God wants us to live consistently and enjoy every single day of our lives.


Another negative comes when we focus so much on the future that we get anxious because we don’t know what’s coming. Naturally, the uncertainty increases our stress level and creates a sense of insecurity. When we get to tomorrow, God will give us what we need. But if we’re worried about tomorrow right now, we are bound to be frustrated and discouraged.

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