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Friday, November 5, 2010

Be A Friend



Matthew 9:36-38

The Compassion of Jesus

If you study the life of Jesus, you will discover that He always took time for people. He was never too busy with His own agenda, with His own plans. He wasn’t so caught up in Himself that He was unwilling to stop and help a person in need. He could have easily, said, “Listen I’m busy, I have a schedule to keep.” But no, Jesus had compassion on people. He was concerned about what they were going through, and He willingly took time to meet their needs. He freely gave of His life. I believe He demands nothing less from those who claim to be His followers today.



Mark 1:41-42

Be A Friend

If you want to experience God’s abundant life, you must start taking time to help other people. Sometimes if we would just take the time to listen to people, we could help initiate a healing process in their lives. So many people have pain bottled up inside them. They have nobody they can talk to; they don’t trust anybody. If you can open your heart of compassion and be that person’s friend – without judging or condemning – and simply have an ear to listen, you may help lift that heavy burden.


You will be amazed at what a positive impact you can have if you will just learn to be a good listener. Learn to follow the flow of God’s divine love.



2 John 6

Continual Love

We’re all so busy. We have our own priorities and important plans and agendas. Often, our attitude is: I don’t want to be inconvenienced. Don’t bother me with your problems. I’ve got enough problems of my own. Too often, because of our own selfishness, we choose to close our hearts to others.


How can you tell if your heart is open or closed? Easy. Are you frequently concerned about other people, or are you concerned about only yourself? Do you take time to make a difference, to encourage others, to lift their spirits, to make people feel better about themselves? Do you follow the flow of love that God puts in your heart toward somebody in need….continually?


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