Friday, February 10, 2012

Mumblers...Standing in Big Shoes...Blessed Assurance



Mumbles and Murmurs- grumblers who complain

Jude 1:16

Sometimes it seems the whole world is complaining. There is so much grumbling and murmuring and so little gratitude and appreciation. People complain about their job and their boss when they should be thankful to have regular work and appreciate the fact they are not living in a shelter for the homeless or standing in a soup line. Many people would be thrilled to have that job, despite its imperfections. They would be more than willing to put up with a not-so-perfect boss in order to have a regular income, live in their own home, and cook their own food.           


Maybe you need a better paying job or perhaps you have a boss who treats you unfairly. That is unfortunate, but the way out is not through complaining. Give God thanks tonight for every blessing He has given you.



Standing in Big Shoes

Joshua 1:5

Imagine how Joshua must have felt when God told him he was to take Moses’ place and lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. Moses was an amazing leader. Who would want to try to fill his shoes? God told Joshua he would succeed not because of anything he had in the natural but because He was with him. God told Joshua the same thing would hold true for him if he believed. God kept encouraging Joshua to be strong and confident, to take courage, and not be afraid. In other words, He told him to believe!


Put your faith in God. He will give you the strength to stand and accomplish whatever He asks you to do.



Blessed Assurance

Romans 8:38-39

You cannot trust unless you believe you are loved. To grow in God and be changed you must trust Him. Often He will lead you in ways you cannot understand. During those times, you must have a tight grip on His love for you. The apostle Paul was convinced that nothing would ever be able to separate him from the love of God in Christ Jesus. You need to have that same absolute assurance of God’s undying love for you.


Accept God’s love for you and make that love the basis for your love for others. Receive His affirmation, knowing that you are changing and becoming all He desires you to be.


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