Monday, February 13, 2012

A Balancing Act-enjoy life in abundance



A Balancing Act-enjoy life in abundance

John 10:10

For years, I felt that everything in my life should be work, work, and work. As long as I was accomplishing something, as long as I was doing what everyone expected of me, I believed I was pleasing God. Unfortunately, I was not enjoying my life!           


I will never forget the day my kids wanted me to watch a movie with them. They kept saying, “Mom, come on! You do not have to work all day and either read the Bible or pray the rest of the time. We know you love God. Let’s have some fun.” I finally decided to watch a movie with them but found myself feeling guilty for doing so.


God had to teach me that there is nothing wrong with spending time with family, taking a day off, or having fun. You can work yourself to death and miss some of God’s greatest blessings. Allow Him to bring balance to your life.




A Perfect Love

1 John 4:16

Most people can believe God loves them if they think they deserve it. Problems arise when you feel you do not deserve God’s love and yet desperately need it. God’s love for you is perfect – and unconditional. When you fail, He keeps loving you because His love is not based on you but on Him.


Sin separated you from God, but He loved you so much He sent His only son, Jesus, to die for you so He could lavish His great love upon you. If you can believe that God, who is so perfect, loves you, then you can believe you are worth loving! When that happens you can accept yourself in a new way that will be life changing. You are special; you have worth and value….believe it, receive it, and be all you can be in Christ.


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