Friday, August 26, 2011

Break Strongholds


Break Strongholds


1 Corinthians 10:4-5

The Bible teaches that Satan tries to build strongholds in our lives. One way to identify the strongholds in your life is to watch for repetitive situations that pull your down in spirit.


We all know inside when something is not right in our life or is getting out of control. If that happens to you, seek God early to find out what is going on. If a negative behavior becomes repetitive, that is a signal that Satan is building himself a strong hold in your life. God will destroy the devil’s strongholds within you, if you draw near to Him.


Find Truth


John 8:32

If you lose your temper easily, you will never enjoy your day as God meant for it to be. Seek God with your whole heart and find out what is wrong. The way to get free from things that upset you is to find truth- the truth will always set you free.


We don’t always want to face truth because sometimes it is painful. Sometimes it shows us that we need to change. If we are behaving badly we make excuses for our wrong behavior. But excuses will never make us free. Let God get involved with your day; when you feel your temper flare, ask Him to reveal the truth of that situation. The Truth will always set you free to enjoy the rest of your day.


Get Free


Psalm 118:5

If you find yourself running late everywhere you go (even 50 percent of the time), that is evidence of a stronghold that Satan has built in your life. Get free from it or the devil will use it to keep you under pressure. You may have an excuse for every time you are behind schedule, but something is wrong if that behavior pattern is repetitive.


Ask God to show you how to get free from the pressure of always hurrying and being late. Starting your day with God will help you set priorities for your day. Get to the root of the problem, and enjoy the fruit of God’s indwelling presence to get you where you need to be-on time and without hurrying.

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