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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Joy in Serving


Mark 9:35

Joy in Serving

Living life with enthusiasm includes raising your children. Don’t get up and say,

“Humph ! My friends are out doing something fun and exciting. All I’m doing is taking care of kids.” A parent’s work is one of the most important jobs in the whole world. But you may not have somebody patting you on the back or cheering you on. Your day may not be filled with extraordinary events. There are diapers to change, children to feed, housework that needs to be done; routine, mundane chores that start over the moment you complete them.


But in the midst of the ordinary, you can choose to have an extraordinary attitude toward your work. The Scripture tells us to do everything we do with our whole hearts, “to never lag in zeal.”



2 Thessalonians 3:7-8

Set an Example

When you get to work today, don’t give your employer a halfhearted effort. Don’t dawdle on the phone, wasting your employer’s time and money. If you are digging a ditch, don’t spend half the day leaning on your shovel; do your work with excellence and enthusiasm!


“Well, someone says, they don’t pay me enough, anyway. I shouldn’t have to work very hard.” You won’t be blessed with that kind of attitude. God wants you to give it everything you’ve got. Be enthusiastic. Set an example. Do your work with such excellence that others will be impressed with your God merely by observing your positive work ethic. Be so full of joy that other people will want what you have.


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