Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meditation on the word 01/14/2015


Do you allow Jesus to be the Lord and healer in your personal life, family, and community? Approach the Lord with expectant faith.  God's healing power restores us not only to health but to active service and care of others.  There is no trouble he does not want to help us with and there is no bondage he can't set us free from.  Do you take your troubles to him with expectant faith that he will help you?


"Lord Jesus Christ, you have all power to heal and deliver from harm.  There is no trouble nor bondage you cannot overcome.  Set me free to serve you joyfully and to love and serve others generously.  May nothing hinder me from giving myself wholly to you and to your service.  Psalm 1-2, 4,6-9


Meditation: Who do you take your troubles to? Jesus' disciples freely brought their troubles to Him because they found him ready and able to deal with any difficulty, affliction, or sickness which they encountered.  When Simon brought Jesus to his home, his mother-in-law was instantly healed because Jesus heard Simon's prayer.  The kingdom of God is in your midst (Mark 1:15). Faith beholds Jesus among us.




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