Friday, May 30, 2014



                                                                                    SHORT AND SWEET

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For you a pretense make long prayers……   MATTHEW 23:14NKJV


Sometimes people think they have to spend a long time praying in order to demonstrate their love for God.  But prayer does not have to be long to be powerful.  The length of our prayers really makes no difference to God.

All that matters is that our prayers are Spirit-led, heartfelt, and accompanied by true faith.


There is certainly nothing wrong with praying for an extended period of time.  I believe we should set aside times for prolonged prayer and that our willingness or lack of willingness to spend time with God determines our level of intimacy with Him.  If issues in our lives really require us to pray at great length, then we need to do that, but we do not have to pray prolonged prayers just for the sake of logging time.


I have learned that some of the most powerful, effective prayers I can pare are things like, “Thank You, Lord” or “Give me strength to keep going, Lord.”  And perhaps the most powerful of all; “Help!!!” See?  Just a few words will connect us with heaven, and God will know how much we love Him simply because we turn our thoughts toward Him.


If you have thought your prayers had to be long in order to be effective, I hope you have now been relieved of that burden.  Just one word spoken to Him in faith from a sincere heart can reach His heart and move his hand.


Love God Today: Let prayer be like breathing, easy and natural.  Lift your heart to God all throughout the day.



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