Monday, December 5, 2011

Reenergize Yourself


Rest and Renew


Hebrews 4:9-10

We all have gifts and talents far beyond what we use, but many of us are so worn out that we don’t feel like doing anything. Even God rested from all of His labors, not because He was tired, but just to enjoy His creation (see Genesis 2:1-3). Stop working all the time, and enjoy yourself.


Even the land needs to rest every several years to produce good crops. If you don’t rest, you are going to cut down your production and stifle your creativity. You don’t have to work at God’s plan for you; He will cause it to come to pass.(see Philippians 1:6). Rest in Him.  


Reenergize Yourself


Psalm 25:5

If you are worn out all the time, it will affect your spiritual life because you won’t want to pray, study the Word, or walk in the fruit of the Spirit. If you are no longer sensitive to other people’s needs, you aren’t hearing from God.


If you are this tired, it is time to reenergize your life. Prune away the things that wear you out; don’t try to do what you think everyone else is doing. Wait on God to lead you, and get the rest you need to enjoy your walk with Him.


Enjoy Yourself


Ecclesiastes 2:24

We all have things that must be done, but God wants us to enjoy our life’s journey. If we are too busy, we will block the flow of what the Holy Spirit wants to do through us.


Busyness keeps us from being fruitful in the kingdom of God. God didn’t put us here just to work, strive, accumulate things, and become stressed out. He wants us to enjoy Him and His creation.


Take time to enjoy what God has given you. Enjoy your family, your home, and yourself today.


Move Forward


Philippians 3:13-14

God will anoint you to do what He calls you to do. But when His anointing is gone, let it go. Get rid of the things that God’s anointing was on at one time, but not anymore. Don’t keep doing the same thing because people expect you to.


I encourage you to prune off activities that fill your day but don’t add to your life. Sometimes we hold on to assignments that God is finished with for us. Ask God for wisdom, then walk away from tasks He no longer is asking you to do. Make room for new life to flourish through the work of your hands.


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