Friday, October 29, 2010

Show God's Goodness


Romans 2:4

Show God’s Goodness

If somebody is not treating you right, go out of your way to be kinder than usual to that person. If you husband is not serving God, don’t go around beating him over the head with your bible, preaching at him, nagging him, coercing him to attend church with you.  No, just start being extra kind to him. Start loving him in a fresh way. God’s goodness expressed through you will overcome evil. Love never fails.


When you can bless your enemies and do good to those who have used or abused you, that’s when God will take that evil and turn it around for good. Remember that God is in control. And when you bless your enemies, you will never lose. God will always make it up to you.



Romans 4:20

When You Believe

In obedience to God, Abraham moved all his flocks, his herds, his family, and even his extended family members to a new land. After living there for a while, they discovered that the portion of land where they settled wasn’t able to support them with enough food and water for all the people and their flocks and herds. So Abraham offered his nephew Lot whichever part of the land he wanted. Taking advantage of his uncle’s kindness, Lot took the beautiful valley with lush green pastures and rolling hills and ponds.


Abraham said, “Fine: go and be blessed.” He could have said, “Lot, God spoke to me, not to you. I should get the fine choice” Abraham didn’t do that. He believed that God would make it up to him, and God did.



Genesis 13:14-15

Lift Your Eyes

After Lot took the best land and left Abraham with arid and barren land, Abraham must have been disappointed with his scruffy portion of the land. I’m sure he thought, God, why do people always take advantage of my goodness? Lot wouldn’t have had anything if I hadn’t given it to him.


However, God saw Abraham’s integrity and said, “Because you treated your relative kindly, I’m going to give you an abundant blessing – hundreds and hundreds of acres: miles and miles of land. All that you can see is going to be yours.” That’s what He did for Abraham, and He can do it for you.


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